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2020 Best in Business Award!

RD House Real Estate and Property Management is honored to receive the 2020 Best in Business award for Property Management by the Seattle Small Business Award Program.

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Celebrating 15 Years in Business Seal RD House Seattle

Welcome to RD House Real Estate & Property Management

Simply better property management
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Professional Property Management

RD House Real Estate and Property Management is the innovative leader for Seattle property management, providing you the best, most effective and responsive professional management services in the Seattle market- and giving you the best financial performance for your property at the most competitive rates. We like to call it….simply better, and we’re celebrating our 15th year as a Seattle property management company handling residential properties effectively and profitably for owners and investors!  


Our Rates and Services


Our professional management fees range from 8% to 12% of total monthly rents, and our leasing fees range from 50% to 75% of the first months rent, both of which are dependent of the specific property attributes.

Our Services

For this, we provide you with all of the below services


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Fully Licensed Brokers

RD House professionals are fully licensed as Washington State Real Estate Brokers, specializing in Property Management and investment properties.

We participate in continuous professional education and industry associations to provide you with a wealth of professional experience across the purchase, operation and sale lifecycles of your property.  


The average time on market for an RD House property is just 22 days from move-out to move-in.


Rental market and property positioning analysis

For every unit, we ensure market aligned rents and competitive positioning for your property with local and neighborhood analysis and extensive presence in the field.


Broad reach marketing to minimize vacant time on market  

  • Internet campaigns covering 35+ popular rental sites and
    social media

  • Corporate relocation relationships

  • Full Social Media support

  • Online video ads

  • Onsite and open house showings


31 point screening to find the best qualified tenants

The comprehensive application and credit/rental screening identifies any negative or potentially negative and adverse action (denial of tenancy) flags.


Comprehensive leases to provide full legal compliance & owner/tenant protection

Our leases and addendums are the most up to date, incorporating the latest local, state and federal property and tenant laws and are compliant with all Fair Housing statutes.


Expert handling through the entire process- application, screening, signing, inspection, funds collection and move-in

We handle all aspects of the lease closing from move-in inspection, collection of rents and deposits, and tenant welcome and orientation.  Tenant security deposit collection, accounting and disposition is handled in accordance with Washington State Trust Accounting laws.

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Much more than just rents, tenants and maintenance.  There are over 120 legal things to manage with a rental property.  We’re experts at all of it.


Ensure that your rental property adheres to all Landlord Tenant laws

Currently there are 82 provisions in the State of Washington Landlord Tenant statute (RCW 59.18) and 44 legal requirements in the Seattle Landlord Tenant Act, as well as 18 new changes or additions annually.  We have the knowledge and expertise to navigate all this for your rental property. 


Rental registration and inspection (Seattle mandated RRIO and Burien RHIP)

We fully manage this for your property, as these are currently required for rental units in Seattle (RRIO statute) and Burien (RHIP program), and likely coming to more municipalities. 


Rent collection, fees handling and lease requirements enforcement

We handle the full money cycle each month and make owner deposits by the 6th business day each month (10th business day for over 6 unit multiplexes).  This includes posting to tenant accounts- rents, utilities and other fees; ensuring all payments are received by dates due, and completing accounts payable and owner disbursements. 


Responsive repair and maintenance handling without a markup cost

We receive maintenance requests directly from tenants and handle repair and maintenance needs through a network of licensed and bonded of affiliated vendors who provide us preferred scheduling and rates.


Property financial accounting

Each month with your income funds deposit, owners receive a detailed Net Income statement with line item revenues and expenses, with all associated documents and receipts. 

Tenant Portal (Resident Center) online and mobile app

Our online and mobile resident tool provides full account, payments, documents, lease activity, maintenance request and documented communication (text, email) for each tenant.  See more info and a demo here

Owner Portal online and mobile app

For the owner, this provides effortless access to full financial activity visibility and reporting, lease, expense receipts, property documents, appliance tracking and warranty info, owner direct deposit, and owner monthly property statements.


Investment Property Brokerage

Property management and investment property brokerage

For owners and investors seeking to purchase or sell rental properties, analyze property performance and evaluate or adjust their portfolio holdings, RD House has market expertise and offers full real estate brokerage services for buyers and sellers.


RD House professionals  are fully licensed as Washington State Real Estate Brokers, and participate in continuous professional education and industry associations to provide you with a wealth of professional experience across the purchase, operation and sale lifecycles of your property.  


Other important info you should know

RD House Real Estate & Property Management supports and adheres to all local, state and national Fair Housing standards.

RD House Real Estate & Property Management accepts accredited comprehensive reusable tenant screening reports made available to the landlord by a consumer reporting agency

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